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Start Receiving Your Customer Feedback And Reviews In Less Than 24 Hours, While Collecting Their Contact Info in The Process With Our Google Review Platform.

How important are Google Reviews?  85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  If you have bad or no reviews online, all of your other marketing efforts are useless and you are losing customers to your competition.  We can start getting you REAL REVIEWS in under 24 hours and we’ll do it for free!

The Importance of Having Positive Google Reviews For Your Business

The Importance of having an Optimized Google My Business page is a no-brainer!  In today’s local business world, but there is one key ingredient.  That can either make or break the success you will have with a Google My Business page, and that is are your Google reviews good or bad?  

First, you have to ask yourself how do Google reviews work? 

If your Google My Business page happens to have great reviews kudos to you we will talk about your situation in a moment.  But we know there are some business owners out there reading this and you know you’ve got a big problem on your hands with how google reviews work. Now you may have tried the old fashion way by asking your clients/customers to leave you a review on google. But we all know what happens when you try to do that, they leave, the conversation ends then life happens and they completely forget to leave your business a review.  

Just a quick statistic by the way in today’s world with Google being so prevalent in a company called Bright Local did a survey and found that 87% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation to a business.  So, you must be wondering how do Google reviews work, and the heck do I get people to actually leave a review?  To be honest with you most people who go out of their way to leave a review leave a bad one.  But you must be wondering how the heck do you get people to leave you a good review?

The Solution.

Well, we are here to tell you that asking people to give you a Google review just simply does not work with all the distractions around us. People are so glued to their phones and have 101 things happening to them at all times.  They will simply forget, and you are probably thinking to yourself.  “How can I get reviews from my customers if I just ask them and they won’t do it?”  Well, you’re in luck, because today our company has a simple but powerful tool that thousands of businesses are using right now to increase their Google reviews for their business. Click Here to see how to increase Google reviews.

How To Ask Your Customers For Google Reviews

Basically to ask for Google reviews in an overview is, you finish doing business with your customer.  They had a great experience with you so you ask them, “would you like to leave us a Google review?” (just a side note on average 68% of customers will leave a Google review when asked.)  If they say yes you pull up the portal that we will give you.  Then, all you have to do is enter the customer’s name, email, and phone number.  That’s it the process is done on your part, and then the customer will get an email and a text asking them to leave a review for your business.  

What Happens If They Don’t Click The Link?

If they do not click the link and leave a review, a few days later.  They will be sent a follow-up message with a link making sure they leave a review.  Once they click the link they will be asked a few questions.  Such as, “How likely are you to refer a friend here? Etc.” Then after the questions.  It asks them to leave a star rating about their experience with your business.  If the customer leaves a 1 to 3 star review they are then taken to a page.  Which says, “Thank You,” and at the bottom there is a tiny link where they can give you a review on google (It’s pretty hidden, but we have to do that to be in terms with Google).

Now if the customer leaves a 4 or 5 star rating they are taken to a page with a big button.  Which asks them to leave you a Google review and is very obvious.  Then, they leave you a nice Google review about their experience with your business, that is the end of the process. That is how to get better google reviews, and how to hide Google reviews with all the good ones.  Which then results in you having an automated system to get you a constant flow of positive Google reviews.

Do You Even Have This Problem?

You may be telling yourself “I do not have this problem,” you might have a nice 5 star rating with a few reviews.  It really matters that your reviews are recent.  Just so you know reviews are considered irrelevant after 90 days give or take.  That is why it is so important to have a constant flow of positive Google reviews.  So a 5 star rating is cool, but if you only have 7 or so reviews and the last one was 6 months ago.  Your rating is still not good.  Consumers want to see that your reviews are recent.  That is why you need a system to go and get them from your customers.  

Now if you want to get this system for your business and have us set up your Google My Business as well.  Just call the number listed below this page, and they will help you get it all set up and running.  Every business needs a system to get a constant flow of positive Google Reviews from their customers in today’s world!

Don’t spend another penny on advertising of any sort until and unless you have excellent reviews posted on Google.  If a prospect finds you and you have one negative review, you’ve wasted your advertising dollars in vain.  Let’s fix this today!