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If you were to attempt this on your own or hire a local studio and videographer, hiring spokes models and sound engineers, you’d be looking at upwards of $2000 – $5000 per 60 seconds of finished video. With our system, we can beat those prices handily and save you literally thousands of dollars. Especially if you join our video of the month club. We will produce 12 videos in a year for you for a totally ridiculous price! Why? Because we buy our studio time well in advance and we can work within your budget. You will be amazed!

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Commercial Review Videos Enable Your Customers
to do the Selling for You!

Your clients, customers and patients leave you a 5 star review…
Let us bring their review of your business to life with
  1. A professional spokes model,
  2. A professional voice over and a
  3. On location green screen effect
  4. Strong call to action
  5. We are happy to make a totally free video for your business.
  6. Now why is that you may ask?


Just click this button and give us some details. You’ll have the option to contact a producer personally. No obligation and no cost involved. We’ll even syndicate the video across all social media platforms and can arrange to add it to your website, Facebook page, etc.

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