Brand Building Power of Video Press Releases Local & National Reach

Video Press Release

Let us  Distribute Your Video Press Release To Over 500+ Recognized Media Outlets!

Often asked, “Do I really need a national video press release?”

“Why do I, a local business owner (a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, an accountant, etc), need a national press release?”
That is an excellent question!  And the answer is you will get a well-written news item that will get picked up across all 50 states.  Also, we create a video expressing the same message as the news release and that generates hundreds of links back to your website, enhancing your brand. 

What news?

  • What is happening in your town? 
  • How is your business contributing to the community?
  • Are you a sponsor for a 5K for breast cancer awareness?
  • Do you help veterans? 
  • Did an employee make a contribution to the town through a volunteer project?


It’s okay to toot your own horn! It will inspire other businesses to do good things too! 

It’s time to put your name in Lights!  Engage in random acts of kindness, then tell the world! The law of reciprocity will kick in and you’ll see great things happening!
Nothing promotes your name and brand better than some serious PR work.  Therefore we combine our video and press release services into one and do Video News Releases which dominate the first page of Google. Imagine what being featured on sites like Fox, ABC and NBC would do for your business!  We distribute your Press Release to over 500+ Recognized Real Media Outlets and reach even more High Authority Media Outlets than services like PRWeb.

This means your Press Release is going to be found in more places, by even more people, grabbing more attention than ever before… We Get You Heard!

Q / A:


Q: What Are Video News Releases?

A: We create a Press Release and a Professional Video for you and your brand.  Then, we merge them together and distribute it throughout 500+ recognized news outlets.

We’ll create several hundred Web 2.0 links in the process and build authority for your brand. 

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