There are a few key points of leverage that can really make a huge difference in the results you get from your online presence. Read the Q&As below and feel free to ask your own questions.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management?

A: The best way to describe the difference is to say one is a defensive posture and one is an affirmative process. Your good five star reputation is a great way to spread the message about your business and services. Let your clients write the content. Let them sing your praises and then we’ll immortalize them through the magic of video and create a professional way to share the excellent services you provide using their voice rather than your own.

Q: How Would I Know IF I Need a Website Makeover?

A: If you phone isn’t ringing with new leads, you probably need a website makeover with a focus on getting prospects to call you and engage with you. Your website needs to be engaging. You have about 10 seconds in which to grab your visitor by the eyeballs and tell them something they need to know and that you have the expertise to handle their problem. You need to know the mind of your customer and your website should be a tool that your clients can use to pass on excellent information to prospects they may know who could become your client, your customer, your patient. If your site is not visible or easily read on a mobile device, then you need a makeover.

Q: SEO Google Maps, Social Media, Really?

A: Yes, really. There is a lot to it. You are going to get the response and energy back from your website that you put into it. The ideal is that you are reaping a ROI on your website that your website is engaging and allowing for customer feedback. There are many components but we have ways to get you to the first page of Google within certain Google guidelines. It’s actually easy to do once you know how.

Q: What is PPC?

A: PPC stands for Pay per Click. This is money paid to Goolge or Bing to get visitors to your site. You bid on certain keywords that denotes what you’re in business for and provides a link to click on… Your PPC campaigns need to have landing pages designed for instant response so that you aren’t wasting your money. If you put in a dollar you  should be getting more back in the way of customers purchasing your services. Some businesses should not use PPC and for others, it’s a way to grow their businesses exponentially. Don’t bother with PPC unless you have your Google Plus page claimed, your Google Maps set up and your other social media websites linked up. If you need help with any of this, just pick up the phone and call. Or fill out the form… either way… we are here to serve.

Q: What Other Tools Do You Recommend?

A: You absolutely need video on your website especially if you are a b to c business. 50% of searches are now conducted on smart phones and people are looking for your services and products every day. I always encourage businesses to have two forms on their site. One for gathering testimonials from clients and a feedback form to get honest feedback on any issues your clients may have. This can take the form of a survey with particular questions or a space for clients to write about whatever they want. You can’t get any better business intelligence.

Garey Simmons has been working from home online since 2006. In that time he has made about 40,000 new friends who are healthier because of an amazing Omega-3 product he’s promoted. In the last year, Garey has decided to start helping other small businesses grown their income. There is no cost for a consultation, an assessment of goals and to get a proposal on how Local Vocal Marketing can leverage your business into a prime position on the Internet. Garey works with several veterans organizations and you can read more at or  Visit Garey’s Optimal Health Bridge website here. You can reach Garey on the phone at 443.852.1000. Garey is a public speaker and can bring a clear message about Reputation in Marketing as well as success principles to any audience.


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