In other words, give us your best elevator pitch. sum up your business in a few short sentences; this is the essence that needs to be immediately obvious when visitors land on your new website.
We will take your suggestion and we will give you more suggestions from our team
(best practice is to combine both city name and specialty ex: for SEO boost)
find those failures that the current website is causing, then determine what needs to happen
with the new website to consider it useful to your brand strategy and customers.
Here, you can hash out even more specifically what it is that your site does; try to get down to the details
of every function and feature if possible.
These differences will entail different features and platforms that need to be identified from the start.
One of the most important steps is identifying your ideal audience and anticipated visitors by demographic data, tech-savviness, intent, personal goals and pain point, the stage of their purchase decision making, and more. If you don’t yet have researched and clearly identified buyer personas, that would be the best place to start.
Come up with SMART goals, both long- and short-term, to determine the success of the new website—
think about what’s important to measure, like traffic, sales, or subscriptions.
This question helps guide our designer to more efficiently create a website that works both for you and your customers.

Without this, the design possibilities are endless, so define what you do and don’t want your future website to portray
to ensure that you are in love with the final outcome without having to try out a whole host of designs,
as most agencies have a limit on the number of concepts presented.

Remember to consider the balance of user experience and design so that your website is neither difficult to navigate nor ugly.
This is an important step in further clarifying your site’s personality and features; it also provides reference
for the web design team to more clearly see the vision in your head and bring it to life.
Take the websites you love and the websites you hate, then lay out a clear explanation of why for both cases.

Phase 2: Dive into the details

That will help us plan out how long we’ll need to get there with a completed website.
Keep in mind that, attempting to meet aggressive deadlines usually results in failure to deliver on time—and usually at a lower level of quality.
The difference between spending a reasonable amount of dough and going overboard is huge, especially for a small business that can’t afford to leave anything to chance.
Once you determine how much money you have to build a new website, you can determine which type of website is realistic for your brand’s stage of business and budget, and know where you may have to make sacrifices or prioritize some features over others.
A website can do so many things, but not every website should do everything.
Here are some ideas to choose from to determine what’s necessary for your website versus what’s not:
-About us, with team members
-Newsletter signup
-Social integration
-Site search
-Third-party app integrations (CRM, marketing automation software, etc.)
-Accept payments
-Blog (this one is mandatory as every modern business website should have a blog)
-Contact forms
This goes with the user’s journey through your site, but we’re diving deeper than just “submit a form for more information.”
Here, you determine the specific terminology of your CTAs that will inspire desired action from your users and count toward your brand’s success.
Are there traffic-spike potentials, like when HBO releases a new episode of Game of Thrones and millions tune in at the same exact time?
It’s important to communicate the scale of the website to your web design team knows its capacity.
If a visitor checks out your website only by seeing the home page, what’s the desired takeaway he should get?
Try to boil down your website’s purpose into a single page of important information, then use the rest of the site to supplement that.
Come up with a list of content, features, or copy that absolutely must be featured up front.

How should we contact you?