Is Your Business Website Built for the 21st Century?

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If you are a business owner, you probably already understand the importance of having a well-designed website representing your brand and your services. Just as we try to have a welcoming aesthetic in our physical locations, we need to offer a similarly refined experience on our websites. After all, many customers’ first interaction with you will be through your business’s website. To make the best impression possible, you’ll need to make sure your site is built for the 21st Century.

Even if your site is aesthetically pleasing, that doesn’t always mean that it’s perfect under the hood. We do many website makeovers, and one theme we seem to notice is that many business owners simply put band-aids on issues rather than fixing them at the root. Here is a checklist of common problems that you should be sure to fix with a site makeover as soon as possible!

Not Optimized for Speed

In 2021, your site must be quick and snappy for your users. As 5G mobile internet and gigabit home internet become more and more popular, slow websites are fundamentally out of the question. Modern consumers expect speed! Moreover, Google actually shows favor to sites that are optimized for speed. Thus, if you address your speed deficiencies, you may find that your Google search ranking begins climbing as a result. If you suspect your site may be too slow, head to the Google Page Speed Tool to analyze it!

Not SEO Friendly

If your current site builder made your site public without making specific efforts to increase its SEO friendliness, it’s probably time to look for a new website builder. In truth, it’s quite challenging to be discovered organically when your site isn’t designed with SEO in mind. If you want to start taking steps to improve your SEO, we recommend checking out our blog post on the subject.

Difficult to Use on Mobile Phones

High speed isn’t the only thing that makes sites usable. If your site functions perfectly on a desktop computer but poorly on a mobile device, then it definitely needs some attention.  In this day and age, having a well-performing desktop and mobile site is fundamental to any site launch’s success. As you might expect, Google takes this heavily into account when creating search engine rankings.

Does Your Website Need a Makeover? Local Vocal Marketing Can Help!

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