During Times of Emergency, Communication is Key. We are offering to Text Enable Your Business Without Cost. SMS is free through the emergency. Full range of texting services.

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The National Emergency Is Affecting Your Business! We can HELP! Setup an Account for Free During the Shut Down. $0 Setup. $0 for Usage!
Now is the time to TEXT ENABLE Your Business!

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During Current Emergency, All Services are Free!
Your Customers Want to Text Your Business…

Let Them! 

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We have packages as low as $39.95 a month

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Our Basic Plan

FREE  During Current Emergency

500 Messages
Unlimited Contacts
MMS Picture Texting
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FREE  During Current Emergency

4000 Messages
Unlmited Agents
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Devices
MMS Picture Texting
Enables Chome Add On
Enables Windows Notify
Auto Reply
Canned Replies
Chat Transfer
Timed Blackouts
Email Notifications
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Pricing FAQ

Can I text from my business landline number?

Almost every landline can be activated to send texts. We can check in minutes to see if your number is eligible.

Does this cause with my voice service?

No, although the number is the same, text and voice providers use different networks and are separate. Your voice service will not change at all and they won’t be involved in your sms service.

How will I send and receive texts?

It’s simple, the easiest way to send and receive your business text messages is from the comfort of a computer with a full size screen and keyboard using our TextBox apps or your favorite Internet browser. You also can send messages to/from any phone without an app.

How will I know when new texts arrive?

Texts to your landline number automatically pop up on your computer screen, your browser, your tablet, and/or your smartphone

Will I need some special equipment?

None is needed, Any computer, tablet, or smartphone with access to the internet is all you need to start sending and receiving business texts.

Can multiple staff access our Txtdash at once?

Yes, and as texts come in and go out, each logged in device is synchronized with the conversation

How long does it take to get started?

It only takes minutes. We can instantly verify the eligibility of your number. Then all we need to do is collect a bit of contact information and call you at the number to verify that your household or business is the owner of the phone number we are text enabling.

Do my customers or staff need to have the app?

No,  it’s text messaging not mobile IM which means 99.9% of all mobile phones in the US and Canada can communicate with your messaging service.