What Factors Impact SEO on Your Website?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the magical formula that helps attract visitors to your website and let prospective customers know you exist. Unfortunately, the factors that impact SEO are constantly shifting and changing. What are some of the things that determine how visible your website is to search engines and customers?

The Factors That Impact SEO on Your Website

  1. A Secure, Accessible Website: In order for search engines to visit your website, scan it and determine what it is about, you need to have a good URL and well-designed website. Always work with a professional digital marketing company to ensure that you end up with a polished finished product. 
  2. Loading Speed: Page speed is a critical factor in SEO, and Google wants to make sure that your page loads quickly on both desktop and mobile. Make sure that your page is optimized so that it is friendly for all visitors. 
  3. Working on Mobile: Many of us search more on our mobile devices now than we do our computers or laptops. Mobile friendliness is another critical factor in where your website ranks, because search engines want to remain as useful as possible to their users. Why would they prioritize content that only works on a desktop if their users rely on both?
  4. Domain Age: One of the most surprising factors that can influence SEO is domain age. A whopping 60% of the sites that display in the top 10 on Google for their category are at least three years old. The older that your domain is, the more of an edge you might have. 
  5. SEO Optimized Content: Content is king, and it is a critical part of a good search engine ranking. Use good keywords that people are searching, but don’t spam them so often during the content that Google thinks you are trying to rank by using the same word hundreds of times. You should also avoid using duplicate content on your website. If there is content that is identical or similar on all of your pages, this could lead Google to actually downgrade your website in rankings. 

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