Why Your Website is Not Doing its Job

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Your website is responsible for a lot! Websites allow us to promote our brands, create great first impressions and help us stick out from our competitors. If your site isn’t doing its job, here are a few potential reasons why!

Inconvenient Navigation

If your website’s navigation isn’t clear and straightforward, your audience isn’t likely to stick around to figure it out. On average, you have roughly 8 seconds to present users with the information they are searching for. The logic here is pretty simple. If your site’s navigation is unclear, potential customers can save time by continuing their search for a business that has a straightforward site. As such, you should consider the things that every potential customer will want to see. Most often, these things include About, Services and Contact. You may also be able to think of some other industry-specific additions. If your site doesn’t have these pages clearly denoted, now is the perfect time to fix it!

Unresponsive Website

In this day and age, our websites must be 100% responsive – on all platforms. Good mobile design doesn’t happen by accident! If your last web designer didn’t make specific efforts to ensure your site is functional and scalable across all common device sizes, your usability is surely suffering as a result. Around half of all internet users are accessing the web on their smartphones. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile use, you may be losing about half of your potential traffic.

No Blog!

Starting a blog and keeping it up to date with multiple posts per month serves many purposes for websites – some obvious and some not so obvious. Naturally, posting your blog content to social media is a great way to bring your content to new eyes and attract more visitors to your site. Additionally, offering genuine advice in your blogs will help establish you and your brand as an expert in your field. However, most importantly, an active blog comes with a host of SEO benefits. If you include relevant keywords, geotags and calls-to-action in your blog content, don’t be surprised if your site receives an uptick in visitors!

Published and Forgot About

Some small business owners update their website for the last time soon after launching it. They believe they’ve effectively completed the project and can now reap the reward with increased traffic. In reality, our websites need a little TLC throughout the year in order to keep benefiting our businesses. Be sure to keep your site up to date with accurate contact information, services and hours of service. Your customers will appreciate it, and your search engine rankings will likely begin to climb as search engine algorithms pick up on the fact that you’re providing accurate, valuable information.

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